Circa Theatre, The Travelling Squirrel

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The Travelling Squirrel. Written by Robert Lord. Directed by Susan Wilson. Circa One, 5 September to 2 October 2015. NZ Premiere. Presented by arrangement with Playmarket. “United by Love. Divided by a Squirrel.” From Robert Lord, the author of the award-winning and much loved Joyful & Triumphant, comes The Travelling Squirrel, a romp through the fickle nature of the entertainment industry. Protagonist Bart compares his struggles as a writer to those of Roger the squirrel, a misunderstood painter. Hilarious and packed with larger-than-life characters, this play is a testament to Lord’s ability to write brilliant comedy. A satire tempered with deep affection, The Travelling Squirrel depicts a dangerous world in which fame and fortune are always temptingly just around the corner.

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