An Awfully Big Adventure, at Hannah Playhouse

55 images Created 28 Jul 2014

Through song and play this highly theatrical work will explore the story of two young men and their war… to end all wars. One, a keen enlister in the mounted rifles off on his big OE, one a conscientious objector, shipped to Europe for further punishment for non-compliance, who then meet at the front on Flanders Fields. Along the way we visit Gallipoli, encountering NZ Commander William Malone, and travel to the Western Front during the final stages of the war. An Awfully Big Adventure’s national tour is timed to coincide with the hundred year anniversary since the outbreak of World War 1, and offers an ideal way to engage with history. It is a work that explores the complexity of the times, the conduct of the war and the heroes and its impact on New Zealanders, in an accessible way for students aged 8 and up. Show duration: 55 minutes. Ideal for ages 8 and up. Capital E National Theatre for Children presents An Awfully Big Adventure, national tour 2014. Please click any thumbnail for a closeup view.
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